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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How to write your CV ??


Competition is Rife

Job hunting is a very competitive process often because of the sheer volume of candidates in the job market and the speed with which desirable positions are filled.

In the first instance, it is your CV that will put you ahead of other candidates and get you the interview, where you can show your suitability for the job. Hence, getting a positive response from your CV upon application is key.

CV structure rules

Start with a block heading: your name and contact details
Next write your profile – a statement about who you are and your aims
Note your key achievements and list them under this heading
Now list your education history
Next list your employment history also in reverse chronology
List any skills such as computer packages or a driving licence
A brief list of your interests shows that you have a life outside work
Finish with your referees or the line ‘reference available on request’

CV format rules

Never exceed two pages of A4
Do not write CV at the top; never state the obvious!
You no longer need to include your marital status
Word process your CV in fairly standard font and size
Use an easy-to-read layout with space between sections for definition
Bold up headings and use bullet points – never write long paragraphs
Print your CV on white or cream paper, or possibly coloured for arty jobs

CV content rules

Give evidence; it is not enough to say you are a team player - the employer needs proof so give an example of team work you have done
Use positive, dynamic, concise language – do not joke.
Move sections around to emphasise your strengths. If you have been in work for more than two years put your employment before your education
Manage you CV for each job you apply for and update it regularly.

More information about this issue .

Sample cv ..

arabic cv

My CV only for you .....



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